August 21, 2006

Frame Stage Begins

Now some might suggest we went too far here, but yes, we took photos of our frame when it was just piles of wood lying on the block. It's my first time building a house you know...can you tell?


and here it is...
well it's starting to become a frame.
At every stage so far I would say, "Wow I'm so excited this has happened, I can't wait for...." and of course when the next step would happen I would say exactly the same thing. But I really must say, as the frame went up I was ecstatic because I could see the house taking shape.

Look, our frame now has windows.

...and even doors.

Finally roof trusses arrived and went up. We were down there nearly everyday checking the progress.

And then we hit a brick wall...not the type we wanted either...

It all centred around the portico. There was some confusion because initially we wanted the "contemporary" facade. However, as there was a Broadview with the same facade across the road and two houses up we couldn't have the Contemporary. (Estate rules). So we managed to negotiate with the developers' architect and change our bedroom windows to the Traditional facade windows (two long windows instead of one giant one) and keep the heightened portico that comes with the Contemporary design. Well somewhere along the way things got messed up on the paper work and they built the standard portico. It wasn't until guttering went up that we really noticed which meant the guttering had to come off, the frame had to be rebuilt (the changed portico line affects about 1/3 of the roof) and the guttering had to go back on. Sadly, the guttering company was not very cooperative and delayed us for about two weeks. Now this was frustrating but it wasn't our site-supervisor's fault, although I felt like visiting the guttering people and giving them an earful.

However, finally the guttering was replaced, and roof tiles went on.

August 03, 2006

The construction phase begins

After all the excitement of the road being built we finally made it to settlement. What a day that was. Phone calls from the conveyancer, the bank, the mortgage broker, the land office.....on and on it went. But we made it!

So what next?

Well a couple of weeks had to go by as banks and builders and land owners' had their people talking to each other until the long awaited site scrape.

A bit of an anti-climax really.

But we were still over the moon as now something was happening on our land.

One day, I didn't go to work as I had an interview. After the interview we went to the block (of course) and nothing had been delivered. We actually saw a delivery truck bringing a dunny as we were leaving so we did a u-turn and followed him and ended up really disappointed because it wasn't ours....but finally it arrive so we took another photo.

2/06/06 Early June and things are happening.

Slab Stage

One day it was just a scraped bit of dirt...the next, mysterious pieces of agi pipe were sticking out of the ground.

Ok so I was perhaps a little too excited when the polysterine arrived...but hey it's now June 10th and I'm keen to see something..anything..happening.

The next thing to happen was the boxing up, laying of poly blocks and rio.

Circa 11th June (weather has improved considerably)

On the 13th June Aaron was lucky enough to be around when this big beast arrived to pour our kconcrete...impressive eh?

Our lovely concrete slab... we couldn't help but leave our mark, even though it will never be seen.