February 14, 2008

Back in the swing

Hi folks,

well I'm officially back at work - although not today as I'm on strike - and I'm loving it. I'm still getting used to the new bunch of kids and last year's year 9s keep coming back to visit and we all miss them heaps!!! I love what we've been doing. The science unit has been great and I had so much fun with the chemistry immersion. I've been doing digital portfolios with all the kids which has been a great opportunity to meet them all (there's only about 240 of them after all).

We had a weekend away at Inverloch recently. Nice scenery and all that but not a lot of fun. We took the child and she complained and misbehaved the whole time. Nice touch when at my dad's graveside she starts carrying on about creepy dead people and whinges after 5 minutes because it's boring..when I think of the hours of mind numbing boredom at her concerts, helping her with homework, taking her here there and everywhere or listening to her crap...and she complains because she has to spend a few precious minutes of her life thinking of someone else...well it doesn't leave me feeling particularly enamoured of her!

Yesterday was an amazing day. Australia finally said sorry to the Stolen Generation. Kevin Rudd's speech was great and if you watched and have a heart, you couldn't help but be moved. I think it was an awesome day to be an Aussie and I felt really proud! Our kids watched it and were great, so many of them asked really meaningful and sensible questions and I really think some of them are beginning to break free of old beliefs!
Of course lots of people are now whining about compensation claims, but if you can sue MacDonald's because their burgers made you fat - even though it was your choice to eat them - then surely people can sue for being taken from their parents as a part of state endorsed genocide.

I'm going to the rally so I'm pretty excited about that too.

See ya.

That's about it...for now