March 30, 2007

Walking with The Dinosaurs

Walking with the Dinosaurs was an amazing visual and special effects spectacular at Rod Laver arena which we really enjoyed - although I think Aaron was more impressed with the Bose speakers than anything else due to the way they were utilised to create atmosphere ie your seat shook when T-Rex took the stage. I found it very interesting although it seemed to end way too soon. Sarah looked bored after awhile but most of the kids around us looked like they were having a great time. I even saw kids from my current school and some from my old school so at least it was something that would appeal to a range of ages.

A great night out.

March 06, 2007

It's a beautiful day...

I'm sitting outside on the merbu deck at a cafe table. There is a pleasant breeze, and the soft white and green hues of the eucalypts look stunning against the clear blue sky. I can't believe I'm at work!!!

March 05, 2007

withdrawal symptoms continued..

Hello again,

I've hidden in the conference room for a little while during lunch. I now have an office but the wireless network doesn't extend out to the centre yet...but I am always patient!!! :)

We had a nice weekend. All three of us were home. I actually took Friday off thanks to a killer headache, Aaron was pretty wrecked when he got home Friday morning due to the rather nasty truck roll over he attended. But by the evening we were both feeling better and headed over to Knox for dinner and to visit Roy and Lorraine.

On Saturday I woke up at 6 (despite going to bed at 3) so got lots of washing done, walked Max and tried my pilates DVD. I went to the gym and worked out for a couple of hours, then some of my girls talked me into doing the pilates class so I was there for longer than I should have been.

We did some shopping then came home for a movie night. We watched the surprisingly funny, She's the Man. Of course it is based on my favourite play but I was impressed at how well it was interpreted. We watched the first half of Click but we were all pretty tired after about half an hour.

Sunday morning I tackled more housework then was sent off to yoga by Aaron. When I got back he'd done lot's of work so that was lovely. After lunch we watched the rest of Click, walked Max and headed up the hill to visit Sue and Jeff. We stayed much too late and when we got home Sarah and Aaron crashed! I stayed up to make dinner for Monday night but then I was straight to bed myself.

I've been sticking to my guns with my New Year's Resolution. I've caught up with Caz (Moods), gone out with Marilyn and Bec (Moods again) and even went to the city for Mel's birthday (Belgium Beer cafe, Blue Train and PJ's). OK so I'm not exactly a social butterfly but I'm getting better at it!!!

I better be off and eat some lunch.

Will update again soon (I hope)