October 31, 2007

Happy Hallowe'en 07

Aha, it's my favourite time of year again...Hallowe'en...or as I prefer to call it...Samhain...but then again seeing as we're in the southern hemisphere it could actually be Beltain. Anyway, it's a great day.

This year I got dressed up before I went to work...and confused a number of people in the process. Kate thought I was a very competent CRT from behind, when in fact it was just me doing my job. Others asked if it was St Patrick's Day because I had green in my hair and a few people asked me if I am American...they got my pro-Celtic ramble for their troubles. Still the kids got a laugh and that was great!

In the evening we went to the Lindsay's Citizenship Ceremony, which was lovely. We bought them an Australian Legends CD and enjoyed a drink with the four brand new Aussies. Now all I have to do is work on Aaron.

By the time we got back it was too late for Sarah to go trick or treating...but we had promised. So I suggested she just visit her mum. So I did her make up, she got dressed up and away we went.
We then had a bit of a photo session out the front..

October 15, 2007

Some pix

Sorry these are a little late but here are some photos we took whilst in Mt Beauty and surrounds..

October 11, 2007

Rach & Che

Today is Rachel's birthday.

Happy birthday Rach, I hope you have a wonderful day and know what an amazing woman and friend you are.


Today also marks the 40th anniversary of the murder of the legendary freedom fighter - Ernesto Che Guevara

October 04, 2007

How fast they disappear...

Yes folks, the holidays are nearly over. Not that I'm complaining (everyone loves to attack teachers on the subject of school holidays don't they?) as I am looking forward to going back to work - but I feel like I've had the best break I've had in ages.

We ended up going away to Amy and Travis' afterall - it was really wonderful, stunning scenery, great company, fabulous food and - dare I say it??? - a few awesome wineries along the way. Aaron's health improved so much and I felt really rejuvenated. It also inspired us to get moving in the garden so I have spent much of this week planting out vegies. Ultimately, we want to move to the country - but for the moment we'll just have to make the most of what we've got.

I spent today up at Ally and Dave's and had another great day. Kinglake - like Mt Beauty - is very lovely and again got us thinking about moving away from the burbs.

Anyway, I will add some photos soon.


October 03, 2007


I recently received this email.

If you get a chance sign the petition you can also cut and paste this email and forward it to others.


Dear friends, Burma's generals have brought their brutal iron hand down on peaceful monks and protesters -- but in response, a massive global outcry is gathering pace. The roar of global public opinion is being heard in hundreds of protests outside Chinese and Burmese embassies, people round the world wearing the monks' color red, and on the internet-- where our petition has exploded to over 200,000 signers in just 72 hours. People power can win this. Burma's powerful sponsor China can halt the crackdown, if it believes that its international reputation and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing depend on it. To convince the Chinese government and other key countries, Avaaz is launching a major global and Asian ad campaign on Wednesday, including full page ads in the Financial Times and other newspapers, that will deliver our message and the number of signers. We need 1 million voices to be the global roar that will get China's attention. If every one of us forwards this email to just 20 friends, we'll reach our target in the next 72 hours. Please sign the petition at the link below -if you haven't already- and forward this email to everyone you care about: http://www.avaaz.org/en/stand_with_burma/t.php The pressure is working - already, there are signs of splits in the Burmese Army, as some soldiers refuse to attack their own people. The brutal top General, Than Shwe, has reportedly moved his family out of the country – he must fear his rule may crumble. The Burmese people are showing incredible courage in the face of horror. We're broadcasting updates on our effort over the radio into Burma itself – telling the people that growing numbers of us stand with them. Let's do everything we can to help them – we have hours, not days, to do it. Please sign the petition and forward this email to at least 20 friends right now. Scroll down our petition page for details of times and events to join in the massive wave of demonstrations happening around the world at Burmese and Chinese embassies. With hope and determination, Ricken, Paul, Pascal, Graziela, Galit, Ben, Milena and the whole Avaaz Team