September 25, 2006

More on the plastering and news on Max the Beagle

We popped down on the weekend only to find the house had been broken into and the door swung open when Aaron checked the handle. As far as we could tell nothing has been taken unless there were some tools on site. Anyway it gave us a chance to take photos of the inside with more of the plastering done, no cornices yet but the joins have been covered over as you can see. It was very exciting to see how much the plasterers were able to achieve in such a short amount of time. Are we on track for a Christmas in the new house? Only time will tell.
Not sure if we'll have a peak tomorrow to see what has been accomplished. We are off to Gumbuya Park so may sneak over on the way home.

In other news:

Went for a lovely drive today through Monbulk, Emerald, Cockatoo and Gembrook across to Launching Place and finally a late lunch in Warbuton.
Took Max to the vet this evening. The lump on his ear and the other on his eye is of some concern, there is also a smaller lump on his other eye which is probably scratching his cornea and causing some discomfort. It turns out there are many other lumps over his body. Peter (the vet) thinks they are probably just wart type lumps from over active glands but when he removes them from the eyes and ear he will send them off to pathology. Poor Max, I love him to pieces.
The receptionist at the vet is Mel who I went to high school with, it was interesting to chat to her after all this time. Always nice to catch up. Makes me think I should ring a few old friends rather than letting myself lose touch. By the way, Max has an appointment for surgery next Tuesday. In the mean time there are ear drops and anti-biotics to take. Guess whose job it will be to play vet nurse!

See ya

September 23, 2006

Saturday Morning

It is an absolutely glorious spring morning. Sez is back early from her mum's, as she wanted to see her daddy after a whole week away.

So everyone is still in bed and I'm thinking I'll go for a walk, make a big breakfast for all then put my plan to visit the house into action.

What else to do with the day? Well there's always plenty of domestic engineering and I wouldn't mind dinner at my fav restaurant, The Elephant and Wheelbarrow. I love it cos its a great English style pub that serves pretty decent pub grub. Of course it is Saturday so it will be extra busy and we may be going later in the week when we take Sarah to the theatre.

So my main focus for today will probably be, as usual, the house.

I really am getting excited now as it looks like it is moving ahead. Of course I shouldn't jinx myself but who knows we could be in sooner rather than later.

Best be off and take the lovely Max for a walk.


September 22, 2006

Should I or Shouldn't I?

It's a blustery old day up here in the hills. Max and I just got back from a walk and a visit to Max's favourite place in the universe, Pet Panache in Olinda to buy dog food and of course Sue and I got chatting about the house.

Here is my problem, I wasn't going to go to the house today, I was going to be strong and wait for the weekend and go with Aaron, but now I'm thinking about it and want to see if any progress has been made. It is POETS day so probably very little but I'm still curious!!!! What should I do???

September 21, 2006

Plastering has begun


I just got back from the house! We were last there on Tuesday night, Aaron and Peter were doing some last minute wiring in the garage. Inside there was a hugh pile of plaster and some cornice material. Two days later all that plaster is up on the walls and on the ceiling. I am very impressed as I thought it would take a lot longer. I realise of course that they still have to smooth over the joins and apply the cornices etc but I was so excited to see the incredible progress.

Bruce, our wonderful supervisor from Metricon, seems to be getting things moving. We should have cabinets delivered next week and if the weather stays fine he says the rendering will start soon.

Our completion date is the end of January...but dare I hope that we might be in by Christmas? I can't think about that it's toooooo exciting.

Anyway enjoy the pics...

September 10, 2006

Brick stage and lock up

Can I just say we had the best brickies ever!!!!

Anton and Brad were total perfectionists. We've seen houses go up around us at lightning speed and have whinged and complained that ours has had delays. However, when I see the dodgy brickwork, render and tiling on these rushed houses I am so happy we went with Metricon and not one of the "cheaper" gimmicky places that promise you a house in 16 weeks. Anton and Brad took their time, selected bricks very carefully and made sure all the lines and spaces were exact. They were also really friendly and always happy to say g'day. We baked them lots of cookies and they're coming back to do our letter box. The best in the business I would say.


I'll just add that Sarah and I have changed schools and we study and work much closer to the new home...this means the photos start coming thick and fast as we pop down most days.


(Check out our sexy new car!)


There's plenty going on inside as well. Our lock up carpenter was in straightening and reinforcing walls, the shower bases and bath tub arrived and even some FC sheeting turned up. (22/08/06)

23/08/06 told you we were visiting a lot.

More inside activity...including the sound proofing of the theatre us.

29/08/06 final details.Now you may be wondering why the doors are being featured again, but these aren't the same doors thanks to some enterprising thieves who helped themselves to the first lot. It's sad that people are constantly stooping so low but apparently it happens a lot. The house is close to lock up so let's hope these are safe.

2nd Sept the Air con is in.

Shots of the air con and heating ducts, Ross' wiring skills and Peter and Aaron get handy with the staple gun, reinforcing the internal insulation.