February 27, 2007

Withdrawal Symptoms

Aaron and I are officially suffering withdrawal symptoms with the lack of internet at home. It's not much better on the work front either as I've been flat out and Aaron hasn't been in the office for about two weeks. So I'm grabbing some time now for non-research purposes...shhhh tell no one!

So what's been going on in my incredibly exciting, dynamic and spontaneous life??? Not much...and Jess has just offered to make me a cup of tea so I'll finish this update later.


February 12, 2007

Back in the swing

Well I'm back at work...week three...and still loving it. My new role is great and I'm getting to know the 200+ kids in year 9. This time next week we should have our building and offices. We had a quick tour last week and it's all very exciting. Yipppeeee!!!!

Progress on the house front. We have a garden shed and we can fit both cars in the garage now which is nice. I'm still finding junk in boxes and chucking stuff out. It's very liberating. Had to have a major clean up yesterday after the wind blew in what seemed like several tonnes of dust and dirt. It was a very windy day and hopefully not a regular occurrence. (Who am I kidding, it's always windy here!)

I enjoyed my weekend, all by myself!! I rode from Chelsea to Brighton Beach on Saturday. There were some stunning views along Beach Road and some hairy moments with cars. On Sunday I did a yoga class but started to feel dizzy, unfortunately after lunch I became ill and that pretty much wrote the day off. It wasn't till about 5 that I felt well enough to tackle the post gale clean up.

I realised that the official completion date for our house (Jan 29th) has come and gone. I'm glad we were ready well before then or I'd still have stacks of boxes to face instead of the few that are hidden in the spare room. I intend to have a lot less junk by the next time we move!

Situation with stalker getting worse as is now playing stupid stunts on the road. I've been told that this is a bad sign that the behaviours will escalate, so moving sooner rather than later is back on the cards. Ah well.

Best be off and back to work...I have a circus booking to make!!! :)