December 23, 2007

Elving Great Times

We Got Elved

Yes, I know I have too much time on my hands during the holidays...

December 13, 2007


OK - so it's not the world's most popular vegetable but hey it's rich in anti-oxidants and its ok on the iron front too.

So I served some up last night...fresh from MY garden - and even my boyfriend's daughter ate it! On a slightly more exciting note I went to Luna Park yesterday. Tonnes of fun. We took about 120 kids although they were mainly 7s and 8s so I didn't know them. Plus my old school was there so I got even more confused about which kids I was actually responsible for. So to avoid all confusion I just went on as many rides as I could manage and had a great time.
Will hopefully get pix off Bec's camera and my phone in the next few days.

One week till school hols YYYIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPEEEEEE

URGENT Petition RE: Climate Talks in Bali


I just signed an emergency petition trying to save the crucial climate change talks in Bali, Indonesia right now by telling the US, Canada and Japan to stop blocking an agreement. You can sign it here:

Talks are deadlocked, and running into the weekend. Almost all countries have agreed to cut rich country carbon emissions by 2020--which scientists say is crucial to stop catastrophic global warming, and will also help bring China and the developing world onboard. But with just 24 hours left, the US and its close allies Canada and Japan have rejected any mention of such cuts.

We can't let three governments hold the world hostage and block agreement on this desperate issue.

There's still 24 hours left to turn this around - click below to sign the petition - it will be delivered direct to summit delegates, through stunts and in media advertisements, so our voices will actually be heard. But we need a lot of us, fast, to join in if we're going to make a difference. Just click on the link to add your name:


December 05, 2007

enjoying the fruits of my labour

This may seem trivial to most but we are already picking veggies from the garden. The basil is a prolific grower and I've taken to giving it away. A few bag fulls have already earned dinner invitations - for basil on freshly caught snapper at one location (mmm this may tempt my vegetarian ethics) and a veggie pasta dish at another. I'm also promised a jar of basil and rocquet pesto - if only my rocquet would grow at the same rate!!!
We have enjoyed our first zuccinni (grilled on the bbq with - you guessed it - basil). I've recently picked squash, tomatoes and carrots although I haven't tasted them yet.
I've also used my own parsely, coriander and oregano in various dishes. It's really a shame I can't cook!