August 02, 2007

ho hum

Haven't got much to say really, but the excitement of parent teacher interviews (read as: "I don't have a booking for another hour but can't go anywhere in case someone turns up) means I thought I'd pop in on my old friend blogger. Sorry its been awhile I must confess to having recently created a MySpace page, only to discover I'm too late and the next greatest thing is FaceBook. However, I like to think of myself as "old-school" so I think I'll stick to what I know.

I've done nothing with the house or garden of late, although our faulty tiles have been replaced and the painter has been back in. We also have new carpet in a few rooms. Aaron and I had another massive clean out and he got rid of two tea chests of clothes that have moved house twice since I've known him. Sarah and I also tackled her room and managed to create three op-shop boxes, two giant sacks of rubbish and one bag off stuff to go to her mum's. We haven't even tackled her wardrobe or drawers yet. I guess I'm next!

Last night Flipper bought me a Nintendo DS (isn't he sweet???) which I would like to be playing right now but alas it is at home. At least if I'm typing away at a lap top I look like I could be busy - whereas even if I was playing brain training on the DS I'd look very unprofessional.

My cousin arrives from the UK tomorrow morning with his family. I haven't seen him since 1982 so we're all pretty excited. I also have a half day tomorrow so life is good.

See ya