January 25, 2007

Diamonds on the soles of her shoes

I never have thought of myself as a huge Paul Simon fan but I believe this is my second post referencing his work. This particular song has been in my head today as the wonderful, talented and generous Mr Pannell cut our diamonds in the driveway. It looks great but I can see why few people get it done as it is extremely labour intensive. I hope my roast pork was thanks enough, although I don't think it comes close. Peter has done so much for us and I've really enjoyed him staying here (he always says please and thank you and remembers to send compliments to the chef...a very good influence on Aaron).
We have a letter box in progress, I enjoyed laying a course of bricks but I'm glad that ultimately we'll be rendering it. Our electrical fault in the en suite has been fixed up and thankfully, unlike our neighbours, we didn't have to endure two roof fires before it was fixed. Although insulation doesn't burn as such it does stink your house out when exposed to sparks and flames. They have also had flooding since they moved in due to faulty plumbing and further problems when their builders bricked in the wrong wall and they had to wear the cost to fix the mistake!!!! They are lovely people and I'm really glad to have met them. I hope this is the end of their woes with PD.
Tomorrow we celebrate our nation with Australia Day. I'm happy that we're in our home and living the "Australian Dream" as they used to call it. Hopefully the powers that be at the reserve bank won't turn the Australian Dream into a nightmare next time they meet. Everyone is predicting another rate rise but it is an election year so who knows???
Back to work on Monday!!!

January 18, 2007

Hols nearly over

Well it's the second last week of the holidays and I'm getting that excited but terrified feeling I always get when a new school year is approaching. It is always great to catch up with work friends and this year I am very excited about the new project I am involved in. Anyway, enough about work I've still got a week and a bit of freedom left.

Not much going on at the house. Peter cut our stipple yesterday and I'm not sure when our driveway will be laid. Soon I hope. I've been really good at chucking out stuff I don't need, I think it is sense of security of having a home at last, or maybe it was the anguish of moving so much junk!!!! Anyway, I'm letting go of a lot of emotional and physical baggage.

We have some progress on the maintenance stuff with the house having spoken to the big boss at Metricon Victoria. I'm really impressed with him as he had a plumber round here to install our tank within an hour of speaking to him. A big improvement on Bruce!

Around the estate it is business as usual. They are currently scraping sites in the next road down, they are also doing soil tests in the swampy part, so it looks like progress all round. They are working on some more of the roads. So although I'm losing some of my walking and riding circuit as new houses are started on, new parts of the estate are opening up for Max and me to explore.

Well best be off, I've got a giant house to vaccuum before my visitors arrive.

See Ya


January 16, 2007


The temperature climbed right up today with Aaron's car telling us it was 43 degrees!! We were in the car after the power cut because the air con in the car is great, unfortunately I didn't like the idea of driving around when traffic lights were out and the radio was reporting multiple accidents. There was also nowhere to get fuel. When we got home the house had only warmed up by one degree so even without the aircon it wasn't too bad.
So what about the house???
Well I'm not posting photos yet as I'm running on Peter's dial-up at the moment but I'm happy with the progress we're making. We have some decking out the back and our stipple concrete was poured along the side yesterday. Weather permitting we should get our driveway soon. I love the stipple down the side and it has created a perfect area for a courtyard citrus garden with Mediterranean overtones. Peter even poured the slab for our letterbox.
I'm still getting used to the incredible bursts of wind we have here, one has just whipped up a load of dust now so it's shut the windows time. It makes me want to read Montana 1948 again as I think I would appreciate the characters a lot more now! Or maybe I'll just watch Twister instead. Our wood chipped back yard has made a big difference to the amount of dust blowing into the house.
There has been quite a bit of progress in the estate. Some of the site scrapes done between Christmas both had their slabs poured the first week of the new year and one now has frame and roof trusses. A porter loo and site scrape or two have been completed in stage 4 and a lot of houses have had general work done on them. Tradies started very early today, I heard one truck at 4.30, probably so they could finish work early in the hot weather. I was actually surprised to see anyone working at all today but there they were.
Well, I feel a bit guilty hogging the internet so I'll sign off now. Hopefully our internet will be sorted soon as we have switched ISPs, until then....

January 04, 2007

Happy birthday deanne

I can't believe it but it's been 20 years since the little peanut came into our lives. The baby isn't a baby anymore and isn't even a teenager now. I'm so proud of her and all she's done. I just hope she makes more of her 20s than i did of mine. Happy birthday dee. Love you lots.

in other news sez came home last night. Poor kid is really sick so i spent the night checking on her. She's sleeping peacefully now so hopefully the tummy bug has passed.

andrew came to visit yesterday and then roy lorraine and the kids came over too. Roy built a work bench in the garage and lorraine helped me with sarah's room. Andrew shifted some mulch for me and peter worked on the deck. Aaron came over and fitted off some power points in the garage. I feel so spoiled having such great friends.

going to move some more mulch now before it gets too hot then off to celebrate with dee

January 03, 2007

Making this house a home

Well i'm absolutely exhausted but that's ok. We spent two days having way too much fun with the dingo we hired. The dirt was all shifted and the garden much flatter than before. There was unfortunately a shocking dingo related injury, poor aaron got blisters on both hands!
i finished off the new clothes line, yes i am excited as now i don't have washing drying all over the house. Unlike olinda our washing actually dries here and very quickly too.
We had some mulch delivered today to cover the back garden, peter finished adjusting our blinds and we've put some temporary flooring out the back.
Chris and josh came to visit today and apart from getting very lost en route from seville they loved the house and came baring gifts, i am now the proud owner of a bonsai which i will endeavour to keep alive!
Sarah comes home tomorrow night so i'm trying to have her room all set up for her.
Bye for now