July 11, 2008

Another rainy day

I really shouldn't complain...I mustn't...it's wrong, selfish, lacking in global awareness...but I want to....Why must it rain so much during the holidays? Aaron and I promised each other long rides on the bikes but the weather has been against us. Maybe we'll get a chance on the weekend as Sarah isn't with us so she won't mind if we get a little carried away.

I'm eagerly awaiting a phone call too so I don't really mind being at home - still they have my mobile so I could be out and about. I can't tell you what the phone call is about...not yet anyway.

Other news? We've been out bed hunting for Sarah. She's turning into quite the young adult so we thought it was time to update. We also thought the bed in the spare room needed replacing before our exchange student arrives.

We went to see Mama Mia last night...ok I'll say it once and move on..."It wasn't a patch on the stage play" there, it's said..However, we still LOVED it. Fabulous songs, beautiful views, lovely characters and eventually the projector person woke up and switched it to the correct format so everyone wasn't stretched out!

I really should hop off the lap top and get on with the day. It is officially the last day of the hols and I want to make the most of my day with my family. Whatever we do together I'm sure we will enjoy...we don't have much but we have each other...trust, loyalty and love is all we need :) Although a trip to the Bahamas wouldn't hurt...


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