July 12, 2008

Last Night of Freedom

AH where do the holidays go??? Tomorrow is the last day so I think of tonight as my last night of freedom as I'll be hitting the hay early. I'm not exactly partying hard tonight though, Sarah is home and Aaron is sick. So while he's watching the tv shows he's got stored on the recorder she and I are tapping away on the laptops.
We had a special visitor today - well several really. Tina came over to bath Max and Jester. But what had us really excited was a visit from Willow, her people and Tam & Kathy from Beagle Rescue Victoria. Willow will be needing a new home soon and I think Max could do with a new Gal Pal.
They clashed initially but once they had time to calm down and play in the back garden they really hit it off. She'll be visiting next weekend for another play date and sleep over.
She really is sweet and Sarah and I were instantly in love. Aaron, of course, will take some more convincing but I think between us we can win him over.


JOHNOZ said...

wendy how you doing the school holidays are aweek away, have anew job less stress less pay,and its summer here hooray

Wendy said...

Hi John,

How great to hear from you!!!
Your boy's gorgeous!
Our school hols have just finished but I've been doing City School this week, although it's tiring I still love it as we get to see Melbourne like tourists.
I couldn't find a comment part on your blog. Make sure you add to it.
I'd love to see more pics of you and yours.
We were just talking about Dudley last week as we were at Lenny Henry's Melbourne gig.
Stay in touch! I promise to get some pictures on Boronia junction for you.

JOHNOZ said...

wendy seen lots of boronia crossing,can you send e-mail to johnoz@sky.com please .get to here from you hows everyone getting on in paradise