July 03, 2008

Still Here

I realise it has been several months since I have posted anything on this blog. Oops. Not that there is too much to report on the house front anyway.
The back garden is a war zone - the weeds are winning. I seem to have a lot of silver beet and rhubarb but not much else growing productively. That's ok, I should be off to get fruit trees soon.
In the front garden everything is growing well - thank goodness for native plants!
We also have a nicely rendered letterbox thanks to a lovely young man whom I met whilst walking with Max. I'm just waiting for a few dry days in a row so I can paint it.
There's certainly not much going on inside except for domestic engineering - yes we have a spare room again and I have been tackling the junk in there. I have also made significant progress in the study and I'm currently working my way through the piles of paper that seem to accumulate for the fun of it.
On the work front things have been really busy - during the hols I'm working on finalising stuff for City School (two weeks next term). I'm also working on units for City Week follow up and Global Cities. I also need to come up with a middle years project for 7s and 8s.
We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our Japanese exchange student. She comes in about four weeks so I'm thinking I should start planning some outings and decide what on earth I should cook for the 13 days she's with us. We don't even know her name yet!!!
We have been to a few shows lately, we saw Dr Seuss the Musical and we went to the MSO Space Classics - both marvellous. Although following Dr Seuss we have decided never to attend a matinée again...ever!!! It's off to Lenny Henry next week - he's great value and of course we're looking forward to Andre Rieu in November. Bell Shakepeare is putting on a production of Hamlet (score composed by Sarah Blasko) so I think we should head along to that - maybe our exchange student would enjoy it.
Best be off...

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